Our Distributors

We have an amazing range of products and people want to enjoy them which means that as a company we need to get the products to the people. Logistics. In this age of ecommerce a massively growing amount of products are ordered online and mailed out to the customer. Hugely convenient. But ecologically sound? We see many misguided examples of eco products being shipped and distributed around the globe. Organic fruit from New Zealand being flown by air to Europe. Individually packages of eco-products mailed out one-by-one from China to the US. Good intentions and good delivery (excuse the pun) don't always go hand in hand. 

Our intention is to use the most ecologically sound distribution model for our products. In short, we aim to have at least one online reseller in every country where our products are needed. By shipping in bulk to that distributor they can ship locally which will reduce the carbon footprint of our products whilst saving on longer distance shipping options by our customers.

We are off to a strong start in Europe where we have many distributors already and we are in the process of adding depth to those relationships to better channel our customers to them for local ordering.  

We are actively looking for new distributors in all countries. If you are in a country which doesn't appear to have a local stockist, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. If you are a retailer, either online or bricks-and-mortar and you would like to do a great service to your customers by becoming a stockist, then just get in touch.


United Kingdom

Visit our UK website to order in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It's in English and the prices are in Pounds. Products are shipped from Kenilworth.



Republic of Ireland

Visit our Irish website to order in Ireland/Eire. It's in English and the prices are in Euros.




Visit our Spanish website to order in the Spain. It's in Spanish and the prices are in Euros. Orders ship from Barcelona.




Visit our Dutch website to order in Holland. It's in Dutch and the prices are in Euros.




Visit our German website to order in Germany. It's in German and the prices are in Euros.




Visit our French website to order in France. It's in French and the prices are in Euros.




Visit our Italian website to order in Italy. It's in Italian and the prices are in Euros.



Czech Republic

Visit our Czech website to order in the Czech Republic. It's in Czech and the prices are in Czech Crowns.




Visit our Canadian website to order in Canada. It's in English and the prices are in Canadian Dollars.



United States of America

Visit our US website to order in the USA. It's in English and the prices are in US Dollars. Orders ship from within the US.




Visit our Mexican website to order in Mexico. It's in Spanish and the prices are in Mexican Pesos.




Visit our Swiss website to order in Switzerland. It's in French and the prices are in Swiss Francs.




Visit our Israeli website to order in Israel. It's in Hebrew and the prices are in Sheckles.



Rest Of The World

Our main website for exporting to the rest of the world, all of the countries not covered with country specific websites.