Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea Sponges?

The Natural Intimacy Brand

Where you would rather go snorkelling, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean? What a question to be asked in the office.

Well, that scenario was not so far fetched, as we worked to locate the highest quality sponges in the world.

Our smooth sponges with the fine pores are referred to as Silk sponges. They are suited for tasks where a smaller sponge is needed. For example using a large Silk sponge for the shower wouldn’t work so well yet a small cut Silk sponge is perfect for facial care.

Silk sponges grow in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean, but the cooler temperatures of the Mediterranean, along with a range of other environmental variables, results in two different sponges.

We imported Silk sponges from both locations, and after some trial and error, we realised the optimum place to source premium Silk sponges was the Mediterranean. 

Quality: We tried both? and hands down, the Mediterranean Silk sponge is by far the better quality sponge. Their pores are much smaller which produces a finer, smoother texture, and the sponges are more robust so they last longer even with regular use. Greater absorbency was another attribute of the Mediterranean.

Carbon footprint: It’s simple. We are a European based company. Our carbon footprint is smaller when we source our products locally. Harvesting sponges from the Caribbean and then shipping them across the Atlantic isn’t as efficient as sourcing a sponge from a nearer source. Whenever possible, we try to work with local manufacturers, and we try to make our products available for purchase in local markets so the Mediterranean sponges would be our preferred go-to sponge for our European market. 

Cost: Yes, most companies go for the most cost efficient product. But we are a company that provides premium quality products to environmentally aware customers. It’s accepted that the best is rarely the cheapest. The slightly higher cost of the Mediterranean sponges is something many of our customers will willingly absorb (sorry for the pun!). 

On review, Mediterranean Silk sponges are of a higher grade than their Caribbean counterparts which is reflected, logically, with a slightly higher price. That’s not to say that the Caribbean Silk sponges are ‘bad’, they’re  just a slightly lower grade, without  the ‘wow’ that the Mediterranean Silks have. 

Not wanting to put natural, quality products out of the reach of our more price sensitive customers we will be offering both types of sponges whilst educating them on how to make the decision between price and quality. 

If you wish to buy our hand selected FacialCare sponges of the highest quality, available as both Caribbean and Mediterranean sponges, check out our list of distributors and resellers.

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