Look! Our New Look. Our IntimateCare Sponges Have a New Packaging Design

Natural Intimacy IntimateCare Sponges

This year will be vey active for us here at Natural Intimacy with new products in the pipeline along with a rebranding. Having a new design for our new products made it essential we first harmonise our existing offering to the new look.

With the help of cLaUDe at Metrographen in Zurich we designed this new packaging for our IntimateCare sponges. Sophisticated, warm and female friendly, the design is part of our wider rebranding.

Production has been handled by Rubén at ImpulsGrafic in Cabrils, Barcelona. Rubén has sourced card and inks which are more environmentally friendly than ’standard’ materials and being just a few kilometers away from our Spanish offices we can reduce the carbon footprint whilst helping the local economy.

As always, our IntimateCare sponges are packaged and marketed by Patty at Sensible Options in Premiá de Mar, Barcelona. Being based on the coast of the Mediterranean the Sensible Options team have a great passion for keeping the sea clean, doing their bit by making these plastic-free, biodegradable products widely available as a substitute for other hygiene products which most certainly are not plastic-free!

The final pin in the map is the UK, where our sales and marketing efforts are located and managed by David Arevalo, making this a truly pan-European effort.

If you are a store owner wanting to increase your ecological product range, get in touch to place your order for these wonderful, natural products in their new, stylish packaging!

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