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  • Being Ethical With Our Customer`s Data

    Being Ethical With Our Customer`s Data

    We are an Ethical Company. That statement means a lot more to us than getting a few recycling bins and overusing the word natural. Ethical business practices go beyond the ecological and enter every…

  • Plastic Free Shipping

    Plastic Free Shipping

    Thankfully these days we can see a large uptick in plastic free products becoming available on the market. Hopefully this develops from a trend to become the norm. Like so many other things that…

  • Black Friday. A Day Of Mourning

    Black Friday. A Day Of Mourning

    Black Friday. Another example of a hyped up date in our calendar, forcefully driven by hyper consumerism. It’s a win-win for those who consumerism is the center of their world. For the manufacturers and…

  • A Big That You To Our Fans

    A Big Thank You To Our Big Fans

    As global warming brings us yet another hot hot summer here in Europe, we’re staying cool. Not that we’re cool on global warming. No, that’s not a good thing. We’re staying cool in our…

  • The Natural Intimacy Brand

    Embrace Nature

    Our tagline, our chosen hashtag, #embracenature is a powerful message to our customers. The marketing gurus told us that a two word tag line would usually be far from optimum with a two word…

  • The Natural Intimacy Brand

    A Brand Is Born

    Natural Intimacy has matured from scribbles on a sketchpad into a dynamic brand. Our product line progressed from piles of supplier samples strewn over a meeting room table to refined desirable merchandise. Our packaging…