• Organic cotton gift bags
    We Are Our Products.

    Organic Inside And Out

    For our initial range of plastic-free personal care products you might be aware that we have designed and produced some lovely organic cotton gift bags which also act as the outer packaging. Since our…

  • Made In Premia de Mar
    We Are Our Products.

    Made In Premia de Mar

    Premia de Mar, a quaint Mediterranean coastal town in the commuter zone of busy Barcelona, gained notoriety during the industrial revolution for its textiles mills. The town built up an impressive infrastructure where it…

  • Bleached or Unbleached sponges?
    We Are Our Products.

    To Bleach Or Not To Bleach?

    You’ve already seen why we choose to supply Mediterranean sourced sponges rather than Carrabiean sponges (click here for a reminder). In short, they are a higher quality, better value for money and have a lower…

  • Menstrual Sponges? Really?
    We Are Our Products.

    Menstrual Sponges?

    Menstrual sponges. There you go. We said it. This is the first time we’ve published the phrase “menstrual sponge” on this website.  How could that be, considering we are trailblazing accessibility to what is…

  • Embrace Nature
    Our Story. Our Ethos. Our Vibe.

    Embrace Nature

    Our tag line, embrace nature, is a powerful message to our customers. The marketing gurus told us that a two word tag line would usually be far from optimum with a two word title…

  • The Adventure Has Just Begun
    Our Story. Our Ethos. Our Vibe.

    The Adventure Has Begun

    Natural Intimacy matured from scribbles on a sketchpad into a dynamic brand. Our product line progressed from piles of supplier samples strewn over a meeting room table to refined desirable merchandise. Our packaging developed…