Embrace Nature

The Natural Intimacy Brand

Our new tagline, our chosen hashtag, #embracenature is a powerful message to our customers.

The marketing gurus told us that a two word tag line would usually be far from optimum with a two word title like Natural Intimacy and I have to agree with them when it comes to preparing visuals. 

But these two words run so deep with what our products are to our customers. 

Embracing nature is something that everyone should do, bringing it in to their lives, their hearts and their minds. But truly embracing it. Not just paying lip service over a coffee or with a few ‘likes’ online. 

An embrace, a hug, a clutch is also an act of true intimacy. It’s the first interaction of a parent with their new born child. It says a thousand words when there are no words to be said, yet your heartbroken friend needs to hear it’s all okay. It’s what goes beyond expressions of joy when you’re sharing the happiest news with your loved ones. Between you and them an embrace says so much. 

Our products says so much to their users too. The reassurance of wrapping yourself in a soft, organic cotton towel. The satisfaction of the deep down cleanse with a natural sponge in a hot bath. The awakening of washing your face with a spicy bar of ecological soap. These intimate moments, without words are when our customers embrace our products and let a bit more of nature in to their lives.

So come and embrace nature with us.

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