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Menstrual Sponges?

Menstrual Sponges? Yes They Really Are A Thing!

Menstrual sponges. There you go. We said it. This is the first time we’ve published the phrase “menstrual sponge” on this website.  How could that be, considering we are trailblazing accessibility to what are often referred to as menstrual sponges?

Let’s set the record straight: we don’t sell menstrual sponges.

Well, we do, but we don’t. The extra high-quality Mediterranean Silk sponge product that we are famous for is actually an “IntimateCare Sponge.”  Yes, we acknowledge that some might call it a menstrual sponge.  But that’s not what we call it. Because it’s so much more. It’s a natural,  hypoallergenic and absorbent sea sponge that you can confidently use for a wide range of intimate applications.

We have users who insert a sponge (or two) to support a prolapse, users who use the IntimateCare sponges with vaginal moisturisers, users who insert a sponge to absorb blood during period sex, users who them as natural sea sponge tampons… and the list goes on.

But we don’t say all that.

Why is that? Well, the American FDA,  and to some extent, other controlling bodies around the world, have strict regulations regarding medical devices. A sanitary product is classified as a medical device in the USA. Pessaries used to assist with prolapse fall under the same category. Even saying that a sea sponge with Aloe Vera gel could help with vaginal hydration might be making an “unsupported medical claim”.  Which we would never want to do.

We’d rather keep life simple. We give you the highest quality Mediterranean and Caribbean Silk sea sponges.  We call them IntimateCare sponges.  But at the end of the day, it’s just a sponge. So do with it as you please.

If you wish to buy hand selected IntimateCare sponges of the highest quality, check out www.natural-intimacy.eu if you’re in Europe www.natural-intimcay.co.uk if you’re in the UK or www.natural-intimacy.com if you’re anywhere else.