To Bleach Or Not To Bleach?

The Natural Intimacy Brand

You’ve already seen that we supply natural both Mediterranean and Carrabiean sea sponges (click here for a reminder), the former being the quality choice and the latter being the economical choice. 

But even after you’ve decided whether to go Mediterranean or Caribbean, you still have to choose bleached yellow sponges vs. natural brown unbleached sponges. 

Walk into our offices, and you’ll see that we do a lot of testing on our sponge products. Visit our homes and you would see we also take our work home with us as you would find our bathrooms full of all varieties of natural sponges. A lot of baths have been taken in the name of quality control. And consistently, we find unbleached sponges rank higher on our “ideal sponge” tests. 

An unbleached sponge maintains it’s gorgeous silky texture, plus is more substantial and durable. A bleached sponge has an airy softness, but they tend to deteriorate more quickly. 

So why do we see so many bleached sponges in shops if they’re not the best? 

Because most other companies choose to promote bleached sponges, meaning they’re the most frequently seen on the High Street, warping the consumer perception to think yellow is better, or at least the norm. 

But why? Companies know that time is money, so they usually promote products that take the least amount of time and effort to supply. To get a sea sponge ready to package with no impurities, it’s simple to over bleach it and dissolve much of the organic debris which would otherwise have to be picked out by hand. So yellow is cheaper. 

On the other hand, the conscientious manufacturer spends time inspecting and hand cleaning unbleached sponges before they are packaged as a premium product. 

At Natural Intimacy, we’d rather give you access to the best and most natural product in the world, even if it means more effort on our part. And while we still supply bleached sponges to meet consumer demand, we won’t stop working to promote unbleached brown sponges until the “blonde is best” instinct is obsolete.

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