Introducing Our Natural Intimacy Premium Vegan Condoms

Natural Intimacy Premium Vegan Condoms

We are very proud to be launching our newest product to the Natural Intimacy brand, our premium, vegan condoms.

The seed was planted over five years ago to launch a premium brand of condoms. Why? Because people deserve to have the best sexual wellness products. Cheap condoms and ugly neon boxes are easy to spot and we want better for our customers. 

So we set a goal of launching a sophisticated, premium, ethical vegan condom product which our customers will embrace. A product that would respect the environment whilst reflecting the business ethics of our brand. 

When we looked at the packaging we knew that we wanted a design that didn’t look like a typical packet of condoms. So we’ve made an attractive and memorable condom box to wow the crowded marketplace–first impressions count, right?

We have created a product that appeals to couples. In a male-orientated market, we want a female-friendly design which reflects the sophistication of our customers. And of course, Instagramable too. 

Thanks to Claude at Metrografic, we came up with an outstanding design which is truly unique in the clinical world of Class IIb Medical Devices. Our Natural Intimacy premium vegan condoms provide comfort, build intimacy, and reduce the chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection. 

Take a look. We know you’ll be wowed.

!!! Our condoms will be launched in July 2022. They contain instructions in DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DA, NO, SV, FI, PL, PT, HU. If you are a business owner and would like to be one of our first distributors, please get in touch!!!

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