Our New Condoms Are Vegan. Yes, Vegan!

vegan condoms

We sell vegan condoms. To be crystal clear, they’re not made from vegans, they’re not made from hemp, and you certainly can’t eat them.

The latex we use in our condoms comes from Asia. Our suppliers, who are part of the Fair Rubber Association, commit to no animal products in their latex and that animals are not used in their production or processing. 

The same vegan awareness was reflected through the whole manufacturing process, including the omission of a frequently used dairy-derived protein called casein. Traditionally, this is added whilst processing the latex for production, but with Natural Intimacy condoms it’s replaced with a plant-based substitute. This adds an extra cost to the manufacturing process but we believe that our customers appreciate having the choice of a premium product.

The result is that we have a fully auditable vegan product. We decided not to get certified by the many vegan certification bodies that are popping up. Why? Because we believe that the strength of our brand and our ethics act as sufficient reassurance to our customers that we wouldn’t falsely advertise our product’s credentials.

We openly invite any vegan certification body to contact us about certification.

!!! Our condoms will be launched in July 2022. They contain instructions in DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DA, NO, SV, FI, PL, PT, HU. If you are a business owner and would like to be one of our first distributors, please get in touch!!!

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