Pores For Thought

Pores For Thought

Recently we have been reaching out to potential resellers and wholesalers of our Natural Intimacy branded products. 

Currently our key products are natural sea sponges. Unsurprisingly the companies and store owners that we approach instantly recognise that a natural sponge has to be better than a synthetic sponge because hey, it’s natural, right?

Yes, correct, but there are so many amazing properties of these natural beauties that really need to be spoken about more often.

First off, they are a zero waste product. Sponges grow naturally, when disposed of they decompose and since we use decomposable packaging there’s really no waste.

Secondly being natural and chemical free means they are really kind to your skin. Hypo-allergenic, they are perfect for sensitive skin, especially for young babies.

But the pore structure of the sponges is where the magic really comes from.

This fantastic system of pores allows for soap, creams and gels to be pulled into the sponge along with water just by squeezing your hand whilst bathing. Another squeeze and you notice how the sponge is pumping our a rich lather from it’s tube-like structures. And a few more squeezes of the sponge under clear water and all of the soap is completely rinsed out with minimum effort. So simple, so effective.

Allowing water and air to flow through keeps the sponge self cleaning and inhibits growth of bacteria which in turn keeps it smelling fresh. 

That is a noticeable benefit when compared to washable cotton makeup wipes, a great eco-friendly alternative to disposables. The cotton fibres are dense, taking much longer than a sponge to dry out so inherently staying damp for longer. The damp encourages bacterial growth, leading to unpleasant odours. 

Additionally, cotton’s dense fiber structure makes washing out embedded bacteria, grease or makeup so much harder and needing so much more energy than a simple rinse of a natural sponge.

The best cleansing tool we clever humans can come up with is a synthetic sponge created from petroleum products or perhaps a cotton based wipe which has a huge water footprint. Meanwhile, nature has created the amazing, efficient pore system of natural sea sponges.

Mother Nature really knows best.

To find where to buy these amazing natural beauties, click here.

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